Yousef Nadarkhani lever. Fortsätt kämpa för honom!

Cirka 200 000 personer har skrivit på ett upprop till den iranska regimen att pastor Yousef skall släppas fri och att den dödsdom som avkunnats inte skall verkställas. Tre veckor efter det att han skulle ha hängts är han fortfarande vid liv tack vare det starka trycket från hela världen.
Irans högste andlige ledare har nu att ta ställning till hans liv eller död. Låt oss fortsätta att be och kämpa för honom. Har du inte skrivit på kan du göra det här genom att klicka på en av länkarna nedan.

Three weeks ago, an Iranian court was prepared to execute Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani for his faith, and almost no one would have known about this brutal atrocity. Today, three weeks after his execution could have been carried out, Pastor Youcef is still alive, and his case has been sent to Iran’s Supreme Leader – because you took action.

You were the voice for Pastor Youcef; and because you spoke out, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives called for his release, 89 Members of Congress sent a bipartisan letter to Secretary of State Clinton urging her to engage this situation to put pressure on Iran, the White House called for Pastor Youcef’s release, and numerous political and public figures added their voices in support of saving this man’s life. Major international media has put the spotlight on Iran’s human rights abuses and Pastor Youcef’s plight.

None of this would have been possible without your taking a stand. Now, as we continue to work with Pastor Youcef’s Iranian attorney, he continues to stress that the only thing keeping Pastor Youcef alive and the only thing that can secure his release is more pressure from the international community.

Öppna denna länk och skriv på:

Nearly 200,000 of you have signed, and you could help put us over the top.

Today is the last day to sign this vital petition. The ACLJ will continue to work vigorously across the globe on Pastor Nadarkhani’s behalf, but this is the final day for the petition to Secretary of State Clinton. Our focus is now towards working with international human rights organizations and the media to keep Pastor Nadarkhani’s story alive.

I know that so many of you have signed this critical petition, and I cannot thank you enough. However, there is another way that you can help Pastor Youcef and enable us to reach the critical mark of 200,000 signatures.

In addition to forwarding this message, talking with your friends and neighbors, and using the Facebook “Like” buttons in this email, I encourage you to utilize our easy-to-use Petition Drive tool. If you have registered at, you can use this tool to email our petition and post it on Facebook or Twitter, as well as track how many people sign this critical petition as a result of your efforts.

Pastor Youcef’s life truly hangs in the balance, and reaching this critical 200,000 mark will allow us to continue to show Secretary Clinton, the United Nations, and the international media that the American people truly care about Pastor Youcef’s life and want more international pressure to be placed on Iran.

We are very close to reaching this goal, and your signature or encouragement to someone else to sign could put us over the top. Thank you for continuing to fight for Pastor Youcef as he continues to stand up for his faith.


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